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OUR TESTIMONIALSThe Story Of Our Success

LINDA W.I had the privilege of working with Phyllis Simpson in Toastmasters, an organization that promotes communication, public speaking, and leadership. Phyllis served as president of a local chapter where her extraordinary focus and strategic style of thinking made her a strong and inspiring leader. She was a constant motivator and her superb analytical qualities always kept our team on target. I have continued admiration for her self-discipline and follow through and remain astounded by her ability to gracefully instill confidence in others.


MAXINE S.Phyllis has taken my leadership to another level – she helped me develop the confidence I needed in my role as an emerging leader. I received a promotion at work that was a direct reflection of her helping me discover a greater level of awareness of barriers to my success.

DENISE W.Working with Phyllis has had a profound impact on my life. When I started with her, I was feeling stuck and had no clear way forward. I now have a renewed sense of purpose. I have a clearer understanding of who I am, what's most important and how to push past obstacles that get in my way.

SHIRLEY E.It has truly been a blessing to be coached by such a wonderful success-driven leader. Through my collaboration wìth Phyllis M. Simpson LLC and under her leadership and guidance, I have been able to see my dreams unfold and come to light. For in the one year I have been coached by Phyllis, I have gone from working in a major franchise to owning my own salon, Signature's Hair Design Academy. My business' growth rate is rapidly increasing, and I have been able to put into action programs to assist in bringing change to my community. Phyllis is truly an innovative leader of our time who works hard to develop individuals such as myself to be and give their best.

MARLENE S.I was extremely excited about participating in the Mastermind Group that Phyllis facilitated on The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell. Just after one week, I was able to learn new principles in areas I’d like to grow. The biggest insight for me was that I’ve never been strategic nor intentional about my personal group and development. Two major growth gap traps I’ve struggled with for most of my life is The Timing Gap (not trusting the right time to begin is now) and The Perfection Gap (finding the perfect way before starting). Through this Mastermind Group, I’m elated to say that I have a better understanding and confidence of how to conquer them both.

WANDA G.If I had just one word to describe the incredible benefits of being a part of Phyllis Simpson’s Mastermind Group, that word would be “transformational.” It was interactive, encouraging, and equipping. Her unique style, transparency, instruction and coaching has been invaluable to my growth and development. If you have a desire to grow and fulfill your purpose and dream, I have one name: Phyllis M. Simpson.

AFIYA J.Phyllis has a way of handling difficult situations of others in a compassionate yet assertive manner. In my interactions, she has demonstrated patience to listen to the entire story without inserting personal bias or opinion. She creates an environment free from judgment and full of love.
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